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Food Technology
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Standard Bread Production Line


600x800 Standard Line

Standard tray line, for automated multi-product and multi-process production on trays of 600 x 800 mm (production example : 2,500 baguettes/hour)

600x800 Standard lineThe line is designed for production on 600 x 800 mm trays which ensures great production flexibility. It is the ideal multi-product and multi-process line because the easy tray changes allow a smoothly switch from one product to another.The line's modular mechanical and electrical designs allow to produce "raw or pre-proofed frozen", "fresh or frozen par-baked" or "fully baked" production to meet production needs and different market trends.

The line can run to 450 trays per hour, which corresponds to 3,000 baguettes or the equivalent in portions/hour.

The line layout can be easily arranged in a line or a loop configuration. It constitutes the ideal line to start with : it allows quick changes in both product and process to meet multiple and varied market demands.

The "standard" line has now become a benchmark for the industry.

Megaline II Line

The MEGALINE II produces up to 10,000 baguettes/hour on convoluted trays of 2,000 x 800 mm, or 30 000 pavés or round products/hour on flat trays of 2,000 x 800 mm.

MEGALINE II is our response to our manufacturers in a market that demands an ever-increasing production capacity. It is designed to handle up to 360 trays per hour with a production capacity of up to 3 tons of prepared dough per hour.

Megaline II

MEGALINE II is suited for raw, pre-proofed, fully baked or par-baked products, whether fresh or frozen, on flat or convoluted trays with an output of up to 10,000 baguettes or 50,000 rolls per hour.

MEGALINE II is completely automated and can be equipped with various make-up devices, allowing for example the production of up to 30,000 croissants or puff pastries per hour; 25,000 - 36,000 rolls or ciabattas per hour.

FTM combined production line (baking on trays or on hearth)

This line serves as an automated line for hearth baking or as a combined line and meets the production needs of traditional baked products with a high output capacity : up to 2 tons of products per hour.

Our hearth line with FTM oven revives the tradition of hearth-baked products and can be used for either hearth or tray production allowing the production of artisan products, baked as well as par-baked with high output capacity: up to 9,000 baguettes on hearth and 6,000 baguettes on trays or 30,000 rolls per hour, for example.

The automated line, equipped with the multi-deck MECATHERM FTM Tunnel Oven, provides real hearth baking of exceptional quality and also automatic baking on trays.

This line serves as an automated line for hearth baking or as a combined line designed to meet the production needs of traditional baked products, or of par-baked hearth or tray products.